Spark Rally

Spark rally

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Entry fee \500

Pay entry fee and recieve a random Planeswalker badge.

Let's clear missions and ignite your Spark!

Spark prize
If you achieve 5 missions, you will receive a foil promo basic land.
If you achieve 10 missions, you can draw spark lots.
If you achieve all Gatewatch rally (extra missions that require more than 2 person), you can draw extra spark lots.

Spark lots contents
GRN and RNA guilds badges
Special T-shirt
RNA 1 box
RNA 1 pack
Spark Rally badge complete set


Information on guild mission can be viewed on the Spark Rally Official Twitter(@BMsnsevent)

Mission time
4/19(Fri) Registration 12:00-17:00(Counting mission tweets -17:30)/ Recieve prize 12:00-19:00
4/20(Sat) Registration 9:00-17:00(Counting mission tweets -17:30)/ Recieve prize 9:00-19:00
4/21(Sun) Registration 9:00-16:00(Counting mission tweets -16:30)/ Recieve prize 9:00-18:00



Mission 1 Road to ignite

Follow @BMsnsevent and post your badge and pamphlet!



Mission 2 Catalyst the awakening

Post the year you started Magic, first bought set name,and memories!



Mission 3 Enter the plane

Post your favorite plane(Ravnica,Dominaria,Ixalan,etc)!



Mission 4 History of heroes

Post your Magic achievement(FNM 3-0,winning MTG Arena competitive metagame challenge, etc)



Mission 5 Fellow of the Spark

Post a photo with other Spark rally players!



Mission 6 Spark battle

Post a photo Pkaying Magic with other Spark rally players!


Mission 7 Planar relic

Post a photo of GP trophy or Planeswalker cardboard cutout!



Mission 8 Planar inquest report

Post your impression for Magic Fest!



Mission 9 Yearning Planeswalker

Post a photo your favorite Planeswalker card!


Mission 10 Ignite the Spark

Post a your photo or art with card name and card text!

example:Nameless Dragonmaster
+1:2 damage to any target
-2:3 damage to each creature
-7: 7 damage up to seven targets.
loyalty 2


Gatewatch rally(extra mission)

To achieve extra missions,you need team up with other Spark rally players.

Please write your team name for each Gatewatch rally post.

【your team name】


Extra mission 1 We are Gatewatch

Post a photo all of your team member!


Extra mission 2 Share the happiness

Post photo(s) what each team member got at the venue(packs, cards, supply or anyathing )!


Extra mission 3 Break with friends

Post a photo the scenery eating in a team!


Please all mission tweet individually(not reply).

*When uploading photos to Twitter, consider making efforts such as devising or processing so that third parties unrelated are not appeared.


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